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Coop Banking Business do not make life easy if you use Money. It took a while to get the software running, but I can now convert my bank downloads without too many errors to .QIF. Saves me a lot of time.
Thanks so much for this tool. It’s the best one I’ve found so far for converting csv files to OFX and QFX. Really quick and easy with a great user interface.

One tip for other users – if your institution provides csv files with a currency symbol (eg ‘£’ or ‘$’), you’ll need to ‘find’ and ‘replace’ it with a blank space in order for the tool to recognise the figures as numbers.
Fantastic. There has long been a need for this and the only plugin I’ve found for Excel has lots of issues. This was a great help for me to get 1000?s of transactions from Paypal to Quicken (Paypal’s export to QIF appears to be dysfunctional). Kudos+++
Very useful.

I had to do a little manual editing of my csvs, because my bank adds a comma separator for thousands (of mexican pesos, it’s not like a have a lot of money). So those had to be manually removed. Also, my bank exports dates as “May” which is good and your system does get it, but “Abr” for Abril (Spanish for April) which I had to change.

However, after those edits, OFX output was spot on, and clearcheckbook.com imported it flawlessly. So thank you for all your hard work on this tool. It’s awesome.
Very useful. I have been using this site for several months now. I use GNUCash because the double entry accounting makes it easy for me to manage my budget, but my wife hates it. She uses mint.com to assign expenses to budgets. I can download CSVs from there, tweak them, and then convert to QIF on this site. It has been very helpful on linking my GNUCash planning with my wife’s mint.com allocations. I have found no other tool that does it.
Thank you for providing this tool, in fact Ms Money has some troubles importing things, there is some incompatibility with my Bank and this tool came up very handy.