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I will try my best to implement this tool on my spare time but I cannot guarantee weather/when it will be done. Please note that this is a Free tool and I cannot provide support.

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What is CSV to QIF Converter?

  • It’s a free tool to convert your files

Why was it created?

  • Due to lack of free downloadable tools.

What is it useful for?

  • Some providers such as Paypal and some Bank Institutions won’t export QIF files, for Ms Money, Quicken Sage, GnuCash, FreshBooks, Turbocash, Cashbook, KMyMoney. This tool will convert the files for you so that you can inport it in your accounting software.


  • As you know, this is a free service and we use a shared hosting with limited resources, because of that, the maximum size of CSV files accepted is 350kb. If you have files that are larger than that, it’s suggested that you split it into smaller files.

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