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How to export CSV files in few steps
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Converting CSV into QIF or OFX is simple


Step 2

Click Convert Now



On the following screen you will be able to open your CSV, export, load/save your mapping.

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Step 3

  1. Click Open CSV
    1. When you click on this button, a screen will open and you will be able to select a CSV file from your computer.
  2. Map the fields
    1. You will now map the rows in the CSV files with your accounting software.
  3. Save as QIF or OFX
    1. Click on the respective button to save the file to your computer. The file will be saved on the same location where your browser normally saves stuff. Normally on My Documents/Downloads or Desktop folder.
  4. Save your mapping (optional)
    1. If you want to use your mapping again, you can save it on your computer now and the next time you are importing the CSV from the same source you can re-use the mapping.

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